Laser Engraving Machine

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Simple and easy operation of ‘Laxmi’ Exposing Machine guarantees an extremely perfect exposure. One end of the robust frame contains drive motor, clutch, & electronic controls.The motor drives a ground shaft carrying the inflatable tube and rotary screen.The opposite end of the shaft is supported by a special bearing which can be lowered and hinged back.


Removable pneumatic inflatable tube on the driving shaft established screen during operation. Two centering rings position the screen. The machine can trickster repeat height and full printing width, and with the help of ruling device transfer repeat height and apart of printing width. Ruling device consist of trolley which is mounted on bearings carries a marking point. By means of a repeat stoppers, ruling and marking-device identical marking can be reproduced exactly on any number of screens.The light source comprises of U.V. cold light fluorescent tube in dome arrangement.The tube attain their full power immediately after switching on with comparatively minimum heat radiation.